Hosted Events

Katori Nation January 014

Plan an event for your group, family, or church. Come use our facilities, year-round, for a weekend or mid-week event. Assistance in planning your event is available. For more information and to begin the process of making reservations, please contact the office, 979-249-3232 or toll free: 888-266-4613 or email us at We’d be happy to help!

Rates for Lodging and Meals

Check out our calendar and contact our office regarding options & reservations for your group.


Broesche Family Retreat Center: $40 per person, per night 

Retreat House: $35 per person, per night

Ark: $35 per person, per night

Cabins: $30 per person, per night

Rose of Sharon RV Loop

RV Rates: $30 per night / $100 per week / $300 per month
E/W/S 30/50 AMP, access to the Citzler Community Center

Tent: $15 per night
Electricity, access to the Citzler Community Center


Breakfast: $7.50 per person     Lunch: $7.50 per person     Dinner: $9.00 per person

Additional meeting areas, activity options, and special event options are available. Details can be found on the Group Rental Agreement form.

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