Twenty-First Century Church

April 17-19, 2018 • Zion Retreat Center
Single Occupancy Reservation: $220
Double Occupancy Reservation: $170
No Overnight Accommodations: $100

Building Community in the Digital Age

500 years ago, Gutenberg’s moveable type revolutionized how we communicate – and made possible the spread of Martin Luther’s reformation ideas. Once again we find ourselves in the middle of a communications revolution –the ways that we talk to each other, share information, and build communities, are changing rapidly.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the rest of our social media have made it possible for ideas to travel around the world in record time. Adapting to this changing landscape is both a challenge and an opportunity for leaders in ministry.

How can we use online tools to help people develop meaningful and lasting connections and relationships?

How can we help the voice of faith to rise above all the noise?

Participants will consider how new and old tools can work together to help us build community in our congregations and beyond. We will look at the changing media landscape of our culture, get hands-on experience with some of the most popular tools, and walk away with concrete tips and strategies to make the most of the opportunities they present to us.
For the last six years, David Hansen has been helping congregations and church leaders use new tools to share the old story of Jesus and to build community. He has helped individuals and organizations better understand their mission and share it with the world. His work has been featured in Living Lutheran, PLGRM Magazine, and other publications.

David is a pastor serving at Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in Houston, where he lives with his wife Megan, their daughter, and their menagerie of pets. He also the Director of Communication and Innovation for LEAD. Connect with David on twitter or on facebook.

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