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Summer 2024 at a Glance

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We are! We can hardly wait to welcome happy campers to Lutherhill for Summer 2024!
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Questions about coming to Summer Camp at Lutherhill? Check out these pages:
Camper Families: Summer Camp Parent Info
Ministry Partners: Summer Camp Resources

Why Camp?

Thinking about sending your kids to camp this summer? Wondering what campers will gain from a week at Lutherhill?

We’re glad you asked! Here are just a few benefits of camp:

  • FAITH! Campers explore faith through interactive bible studies, worships and cabin devotions. We encourage campers to engage their faith with a sense of wonder rather than certainty. This wonder ignites a passion for lifelong faith exploration.
  • AFFIRMATION! Our young adult staff are specially trained to engage campers in all camp activities while honoring their individual needs. While our top priority will always be safety, a close second is ensuring that your camper is valued and loved by our young adult staff. We want all campers to know that they are beloved children of our God.
  • COMMUNITY! Camp is structured to build meaningful relationships! Campers live together in cabins and are partnered with another cabin group to create a ‘village’. As a village, campers make decisions together, serve each other and share all the joys and challenges of camp. It’s a great way to practice living well with others.
  • ADVENTURE! All our beloved camp activities and lots of freshly minted, improvised activities keep campers fully engaged every day! Beyond these stated activities, we make space to revel in God’s creation – surrounded by live oak trees and starlight. Campers are encouraged to try new things and most of all have fun!

What do you do at camp?

Camp Activities

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Campers get to experience the thrill of archery and walk away with enthusiasm for their new-found skill!

Arts & Crafts

Campers will use many different media throughout the week to inspire imagination and create works of art!


View the night sky through one of Lutherhill’s three telescopes while reflecting on a devotion about the heavens!

Axe Throwing

Learn the art of precision and focus as you take aim at bullseyes. With a perfect blend of excitement and safety, axe throwing promises an unforgettable experience for every camper.

Camp Games

We call this All Camp, where all the villages come together each evening to participate in camp-wide games.

Campfire And S’mores

What more is there to say? Our most nostalgic past time.


The clubhouse of Lutherhill! Campers can stop by for a snack & drink while playing a game of carpetball, foosball or ping pong.

Daily Bread Project

With the Lord’s Prayer we ask God to ‘give us this day our daily bread’. God invites us to share what we have with others. Through the Daily Bread Project we learn more about the needs in the world and God’s invitation for us to love our neighbors.

Gaga Ball

Challenge your cabin to a game! Like dodgeball, but played in an arena by rolling a ball at another player and getting them out by hitting their legs. Gaga Ball can be played in a free-for-all or cabin against cabin.

High Ropes

A heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing, palm-sweating good time. You can brave the giant swing, rock wall or zip line. Or tackle the power pole and team course. No one leaves unchallenged, and everyone has fun!

Hillside Store

Take home a little bit of camp with the perfect souvenir from the Hillside Store. Deposit money in your happy camper’s account at registration, anything they don’t spend will be returned at the end of the week.


Walk a sacred path in the labyrinth. This ancient meditation tool has only one path to the center and one path to exit. Whether you go fast or slow, we look for God along the way.

Low Ropes

Through a variety of silly, complex, creative activities - campers develop new problem-solving skills while working together to accomplish a common goal.

9 Square In The Air

A whole new spin on 4 square! Played above your head, this group activity is fast-paced and a whole ton of fun!

Night Swim

Make a splash under the stars in the pool.

Out Camp

Enjoy a night under the stars. Make your own campfire dinner. Build cabin community, learn about nature, play outdoor games, AND sway in hammocks and snooze in tree houses.


Home to the Blob, our giant water trampoline, and our Jungle Joe - Floating Waterslide. Campers can climb up the large structure on one side or fly down the slide on the other. Make a splash!


This 100,000-gallon pool is the best way to cool off. The diving board is a fun way to make a big splash!

Sling Shot Range

Take aim at the perfect target with this good ol’ past-time. You can use the clay pellets for a noisy reward or try out the paintballs to get creative.


Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Hula-hoop, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, and Kitty-pool Kick-ball!

Nature Time

Explore camp in new ways. Focus on God’s creation through activities such as GPS navigated tours of camp, scavenger hunts, or a nature walk.

Zoom Floom

This 60-foot water slide is like none you’ve ever seen! Safe, fast and fun, the Zoom Floom is a BIG waterslide guaranteed to make a big splash!

What's Next?

As your camper grows so do the activities available to your camper. We believe in having a program that meets the developmental needs and abilities of campers and encourages physical, spiritual, and emotional growth.


Our youngest campers, Alphas (completed 1st or 2nd grade) get to enjoy the experience of camp and spend time away from home for half of a week (3-night stay). Alphas experience the quintessential camp experience complete with campfire & s’mores.


Youngns (completed 2nd or 3rd grade) get to continue the fun and experience the best week ever!


Yearlings (completed 4th-6th grade) stay for the full week, spend the night at Outcamp in our treehouse village, and challenge themselves on the giant swing.

Jr. High

Jr. High/Confirmation (completed 6th-8th grade) stay for the full week, spend the night at Outcamp in our treehouse village and challenge themselves on the full ropes course and night swing.

Jr. High Connect

Jr. High Connect campers have the opportunity to stay 2 full weeks at camp. This program connects two Jr. High programs - Jr. High Camp and Jr. High Adventure - with a weekend stay at Lutherhill. The weekend will include activities and community time.


LYLE (LYLE 1: completed 9th or 10th grade; LYLE 2: completed 10th or 11th grade OR LYLE 1) stay for two weeks, spend the night at Outcamp in our treehouse village, challenge themselves on the full ropes course and spend intentional time in leadership development.

Adventure Programs

Adventure programs experience all Lutherhill has to offer while traveling off-site to adventure and service opportunities. Jr. High programs go on day trips, Sr. High programs stay off-site overnight.

Onsite Day Camp

Onsite Day Camp is held at Lutherhill in La Grange for youth who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade! Campers experience action packed days of camp life just like our overnight campers complete with their own counselors.

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