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A 100,000 gallon swimming pool is available for usage during warm weather. The pool has a changing area for men and women and is equipped with a low diving board into 10-foot deep water.


The Canteen is an air-conditioned game room available for campers to utilize for a variety of activities. Snacks and cold drinks may also be purchased here to enjoy on a nice camp afternoon.

Sand Volleyball Court

One of the recreation areas to be enjoyed at Lutherhill

Ga-ga Ball Pit

One of the newest additions to our high-energy sports is the addition of the Ga-ga Ball Pit! Ga-ga literally means “touch-touch”. Ga-ga is an Israeli variant of dodgeball. The game is played in an octo-shaped 3-foot high arena. The game combines dodging, striking, running and jumping with the object of hitting opponents with a ball below the knee while avoiding being hit. The game can be played by groups of individual players, teams and in one-on-one matches.


Come Walk a Sacred Path
In Memory of Stephanie Meischen
Staff, volunteers, and contributors have built this ancient meditation guide to the La Grange area community in memory of Stephanie Meischen. You are invited to walk it as a path of prayer, introspection, healing, and joy. There is no wrong way to walk the Labyrinth; walk slow or fast, crawl, pause, sit, pray or play in the Labyrinth. To learn more, click here.

Pond Expansion

Additional water activities are available at the pond. With two water structures, The Blob, our aqua jump water trampoline, and the Jungle Joe II Water Park and Slide, campers can’t wait to get to the pond! The Blob is always a favorite of campers of all ages, with its extra-large trampoline surface and easy-to-climb ladder. The Jungle Joe is the biggest, baddest, wettest water obstacle we’ve ever seen. The climbing tower features a 360-degree climbing ladder design that lets swimmers of all ages climb up and splashdown wherever they like. Inside, mesh floors create relaxing splash zones for taking a climbing break. Outside, a huge built-in water slide sends swimmers back down to the bottom in an instant.

High and Low Ropes Challenge Course

Enjoy a day outside in the country while growing together as a group as well as challenging yourself individually at the Lutherhill Challenge Course! All groups will build self-confidence, establish teamwork strategies, and develop cooperation by participating in the Challenge Course. Bring your co-workers, youth group, or your friends to experience this adventure!

High Ropes is characterized by heart-pounding, adrenaline rushing, palm-sweating activities. Participants learn to work together as a team and work through their fear and anxieties toward a common goal. This is accomplished by creating a situation that will challenge any individual mentally and physically while maintaining minimal risk within a safe environment. No one will leave unchallenged and everyone will have fun!

Low Ropes promotes the ability to create group thinking in accomplishing a common goal. Challenging old ways of thinking while promoting new ways of getting groups to think together as a unit. Members are able to develop more effective thought processes and develop new problem-solving skills while working as a team to accomplish a goal. We would love to facilitate your group.