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  • Can I pick my camper up during the week for other activities?

    We discourage parents from taking campers away from camp programs during the week. Campers miss fun activities and their absence affects the quality of camp for them, their friends, and cabin mates. All visitors MUST  check-in at the camp office.

  • How can I communicate with my camper at camp?

    There are three ways you can keep in touch with your camper.

    1) You can email Bunk1 to your camper and view pictures of what is going on while they are at camp by registering online.

    2) You can bring mail with you to registration marked with the day you want it delivered.

    3) You can send mail during the week to: Camper’s Name, Lutherhill, PO Box 99, La Grange, TX 78945

  • How can I prevent home sickness?
  • How do I view pictures of camp during the week?

    Through Lutherhill’s online mail and photo application – Bunk1!
    Once you register for Bunk1, sign in and click on the Photo Gallery button.
    Click on any “Image Folder” to see the pictures. There is no cost to view pictures.

  • What happens if my camper should need Emergency Medical Treatment?

    Should your camper need to visit a doctor’s office or hospital while attending camp, we will make sure they receive the proper treatment and notify you immediately. Any co-payments incurred during their stay will be billed to you.

  • What if my camper takes medication?

    We have a trained Health Care Manager onsite 24 hours a day to take care of any medical needs your child may have. All medications will be turned into our Health Care Manager at registration. Please leave all medication in its original container and put it in a zip-lock bag with your camper’s name on it. The Health Care Manager will distribute medication when needed, per your instructions, to your camper. We have a fully stocked Health Center with routine over-the-counter medications.

  • What is BUNK1?

    Lutherhill’s online mail and photo application! With Bunk 1, you can view photos online for free and buy credits to send emails to
    your camper. Here’s how to get setup:

    Click here to go to Bunk1!
    Click “Register Now”.
    Enter the pre-approved Passcode that you will receive in your camper packet before camp.
    Once registered, sign in and click on Photo Gallery, Image Folder.

  • When will campers receive mail?

    We will print emails from Bunk1 Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and the campers will receive the message at lunch that day.You will only receive a Reply from your child once he/she writes the note on the Bunk Reply stationary and turns it in to the camp office. Some campers will not write a response immediately and some may not write at all. Please be patient. Bunk1 offers an option to purchase Bunk Reply stationary once you register.

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