Campfire Mug Club


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What is the

Campfire Mug Club?

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It is a group of donors that are making a big impact by setting up recurring donations to Lutherhill of at least $30 or more a month. These gifts put Lutherhill on a strong and steady path to provide outstanding summer camp and retreat programming to even more people every year. Each member of the Campfire Mug Club receives their very own Lutherhill Campfire Mug to show off at home and around the campfire at Lutherhill.

How can I join the Campfire Mug Club? Set up a recurring donation of at least $30/month using the “Donation Frequency” section of the online giving form or mail in a completed Mug Club Form to the Lutherhill office. You will receive your campfire mug in the mail soon. Donations of at least $50/month will receive 2 mugs.


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