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COVID-19 Health & Safety for Summer 2021 Update
Greetings from Lutherhill! We are so excited to welcome happy campers back to the hill and the beach this summer. While the threat of the pandemic is not yet behind us, we wholeheartedly believe that we can operate camp this summer in a way that keeps everyone safe and healthy!

We continue to work with our Advisory Panel which consists of a doctor, school nurse, board member, camper parents and synod leaders. We are so grateful for the wisdom they bring and for their passion for Lutherhill. While our specific protocol are still under development, we do know of several preventative measures that we will incorporate into the camp experience you love.

Many of these preventative measures have been gleaned from the American Camp Association’s updated Field Guide for summer camp operation. Here are some of the highlights

Safety first: We love our young adult summer staff, they bring the joy of camp to life in a way that is faithful, fun and… safe! During our two-week staff training, summer staff receive thorough training on all safety measures. This year we will pay special attention to safety measures related to COVID 19 exposure. This will equip each staff member to communicate preventative measures in a consistent and compelling way with our happy campers. Safety first!

Screening: Like many public schools, we anticipate screening all campers upon entry to the community. This screening will include temperature and symptom checks. If we decide to require prescreening measures before coming to camp, we communicate this need at least one month prior to your camp start date.

Cohorts: Many of the ACA’s recommendations are based on campers being assigned to specific cohorts (small groups) during their time at camp. These cohorts are already built into Lutherhill’s camp experience with our cabin groups. Interaction between cabin groups may be reduced to minimize contact and allow for easier contact tracing if a camper becomes ill.

Contact tracing: Our Advisory panel is developing a contact tracing strategy that will allow us to quickly identify where and with whom campers and counselors were in contact while at camp. If someone becomes ill while at camp, contact tracing allows us to more quickly monitor those they were around and keep them separated from the rest of the camp if the situation warrants.

Face-covering:  Face-covering use, especially indoors, is reported to reduce the risk of transmission by 80%. We know, face-covering at camp sounds like no fun. We will work to define places where face-covering is most essential and impactful. And we will work to define opportunities during your camper’s week when they can be safely face-covering free.

Physical distance: Space mitigates our risk of exposure. We will implement some physical distancing standards of six to nine feet of distance between cabin groups. When this is not possible, or groups are inside, we will require face-covering.

Outdoor programming: We are an outdoor ministry. The safest place for all of us to gather during this pandemic is outside. We will look for every possible way to gather outside while still optimizing breaks from the Texas heat!

These are the core preventative measures that we plan to implement this summer. In the next several months, our Advisory panel will help flesh out these measures in more detail. Rather than waiting until everything is finalized, we wanted to give you a glimpse into our intentional planning process. Stay tuned for more information to come.

We are so grateful that you trust us to be part of your child’s faith formation.

Registration for summer camp is OPEN!

And we’re looking for summer staff. Share the word and invite the young adults in your life to APPLY!

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