Today At Camp

Picture of the Day

J is for Jesus!

We sang our hearts out at sing-a-long today!! Where are our voices? Probably gone already! And it’s only the first day!! Wonder what we’re capable of for tomorrow! Stay tuned for more fun here at The Hill!! It’s going to be the Best Week Ever!

Monday: Wondering God

God did Wonder (create), God Wonders, God continues to Wonder (create).

In our story today, God wondered and created humanity from dust. God created human-beings from dirt. God finds joy and delight in God’s creation. This playful version of God intimately connects the divine and calls of creation, especially humanity.

Today’s Bible Verse(s):
Genesis 2:15
Menu and Joke of the Day


Village Name2:00pm - 3:00pm3:00pm - 4:00pm4:00pm - 5:00pm
Cabins 11 & 12:
God's Hamburgers
Arts and CraftsCanteen and GamesOutcamp
Cabin 9 & 10:
Jon's Gimpies
PoolArts and CraftsCanteen and Games
Cabin 13 & 14:
Canteen and GamesPoolArts and Crafts
Cabin 8 & 16:
LYLE Touie

All Camp

Eagles Nest

Today at all camp, we will be playing Eagles Nest!! It’s basically a game of capture the flag and four square all in one! Each team starts with a few “eggs” in their corner and run out to the other squares to try and steal more eggs. But be careful not to get tagged or you’ll have to be saved by a person from your own square!! They may get tagged and frozen as well so be quick and skip back to your square!

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