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Wonderfully Made

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Bible Verse: John 4: 4 – 16

God names and claims us all as wonderfully made.

In our story today, we learn that people at one time believed that God could only be worshiped in one place. Wherever they believed that sacred place was, that is where they worshiped God. Over time, God came to them and showed them that God is everywhere; in all living and nonliving things. In the wind, the sun, the earth as a whole. God built everything specific to itself. God showed the people that no matter where they are or where they worship, God is with them.

Menu and Joke of the Day

menu and joke of the day


Village Name2 - 3 pm3 - 4 pm4 - 5 pm
Cabin 13, 14, & 15
God Is Friend Too
Daily BreadArts and CraftsPool
Cabin 10 & 11
God's Crocs
PoolCanteen and GamesOut Camp
Cabin 9 & 12
I Don't Know
Cabin 2 & 3
International House Of God
Day Camp:
Turtle Time
Canteen and GamesPondSling

All Camp

Gold Rush

Quick! Search for the gold!! Do all the activities that you can to earn your gold (water balloons) before they’re all gone! Then at the end let’s join in the field for a nice, big gold party (water balloon fight)!!!!!

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