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REAL. Joy.

Jesus changes Water into Wine | John 2:1-11 

Today’s study brings us to the Wedding at Cana. This was the beginning of Jesus’ outward miracles, where he changes the water into wine at the end of the night! At this time wine was often a way to purify as well as a way to improve the taste of water drawn. Each jug that would hold the wine would be somewhere around 20-30 gallons! This wine that Jesus made was also good wine, which is noticed by guests, because good wine was usually used first to help set a tone and showcase at the beginning, where the worse off wine would be used later in the evening when people cared a little less.  

This gives us a reminder that our God wants us to enjoy life, we are honored guests at this feast, relishing the joy that God brings. The joy of new life that we are offered in Christ Jesus.

Today's Menu at Camp

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VillageCabinsActivity #1Activity #2Activity #3
BobcatsN/ACanteen & GamesPondSlingshot
The Lord's Chicken Nuggets2, 3, & 4PoolCanteen & GamesZoomba
God's Little Rascals5 & 11Arts & CraftsGames & CanteenPond
Preppy Dino Nuggets1 & 6Screaming into the Void & StorytimeArts & CraftsCanteen & Games
TBD13, 14, & 15ZoombaPoolBible Study
Gavin's Disciples In Christ8 & 16PondBible StudyGames & Canteen
Busy Hunters10 & BFCGames & CanteenRange SportsPool
LYLE LYLE Crocodile7 & 12ShadowingShadowingSuper Secret LYLE Stuff
All American LYLEs7 & 8ShadowingShadowingSuper Secret LYLE Stuff

All Camp


All Camp is where all the villages come together each evening to participate in camp-wide games.


The location of the snack for snack time has been lost, and it is up to the campers to investigate where it might’ve gone. By performing tasks, such as playing a game, solving a riddle, or singing a song, for characters around the camp, they may receive various clues that can help them narrow down where the snack may be. 

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