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Time to Connect with Christ.

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As we wrap up our week (and summer!), we are Bold in our Hope, knowing that what we learned at camp doesn’t end here! Christ’s love is our anchor, and our memories at camp will be with us!


Be Bold in Hope

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Bible Verse: Romans 15:13-19

Oh, what a week! Happy campers have filled this place with laughter, learning and fun. And now it is time for them to take the joy of camp back into their homes and communities. We send them home with the invitation to Be Bold in Hope! We can be bold because our hope is anchored in Jesus.

Menu and Joke of the Day

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Village/CabinsVillage Name2 - 3 pm3 - 4 pm4 - 5 pm
Village 1 | ChapelOnsite Day Camp 1
Village 2 | Cabins 1 & 3Onsite Day Camp 2
Village 3 | Cabin 13Jesus PuffsCampers head home today!
Village 4 | Cabin 14God Squad
Village 5 | Cabins 15 & 16Miraculous Mud Daubers of God
Village 6 | Cabins 7 & 8LYLE McQueen

All Camp

 Campers go home today!

All Camp is an activity that all of the happy campers participate in each day.

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