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Time to Connect with Christ.

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The pond was especially popular today with 3 full hours of use! Campers have had tons of fun playing on our new inflatables, the Bongo and the Summit Express.


Be Bold in Curiosity

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Bible Verse: Genesis 32:22 – 32

Today our campers are invited to Be Bold in Curiosity! In Genesis, Jacob wrestles with God. Instead of giving in or giving up, Jacob asks God to bless him. Jacob has the courage to ask the question, and God says yes! Jacob walks away with a limp and a renewed hope that God heard his question and responded with blessing. We approach life and scripture with the same holy curiosity – not seeking to know all the answers, but having the courage to ask all the questions.

Menu and Joke of the Day

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Village | CabinsVillage Name2 - 3 pm3 - 4 pm4 - 5 pm
Village 1 - Cabins 5, 6 & 11Camp AngelsPondCanteen & GamesArts & Crafts
Village 2 - Cabins 9, 10 & 12Jesus PuffsArcheryArt & CraftsBible Study
Village 3 - Cabins 3 & 15J & K's Root-beer CoDaily BreadPoolLow Ropes
Village 4 - Cabins 1, 13 & 14God's Blue CastawayArts & CraftsArcheryOutcamp
LYLE - Cabins 8 & 16Guyles & Lady LylesShadowingShadowingShadowing

All Camp

4-Square Kickball
It’s 4 games of kickball all at once! Each game shares a second base, and a ball caught in any quadrant is still an out! It’s a chaotic twist on a classic field game.

All Camp is an activity that all of the happy campers participate in each day.

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